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Newly discovered ultra-large high-quality crystalline graphite ore in Wangcang, Sichuan

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Sichuan Province is vast in area and rich in mineral resources. Among them, the prospecting potential of emerging strategic resources is huge. A few days ago, it was led by Sichuan Natural Resources Science and Technology Research Institute (Sichuan Satellite Application Technology Center), Sichuan Natural Resources Department. The 2019 Newly Established Government-invested Geological Prospecting Project of the Bureau of Mineral Resources and Exploration-”Daheba Graphite Mine Pre-examination in Wangcang County, Sichuan Province” achieved a major ore prospecting breakthrough, and initially detected 6.55 million tons of graphite minerals, reaching a very large scale. Scale of crystalline graphite deposit.

According to Duan Wei, the person in charge of the project, six preliminary graphite ore bodies were found in the survey area through preliminary pre-checks. Among them, the main ore body No. 1 has an exposed length of about 3km, stable surface extension, the thickness of the ore body is 5 to 76m, with an average of 22.9m, the fixed carbon grade is 11.8 to 30.28%, and the average is more than 15%. The ore body has high taste and good quality. In the later period, we will deepen and control the exploration of graphite ore bodies. The estimated amount of graphite minerals in No. 1 main ore body is expected to reach more than 10 million tons.

Graphite is an important raw material for the production of graphene. Graphene has a wide range of applications in energy, biotechnology, aerospace and other fields. The Sichuan Wangcang graphite mine discovered this time is a crystalline graphite mine, which belongs to high-quality graphite resources, and has large economic benefits, easy mining and low cost.

The geochemical exploration team of the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources has conducted long-term geological prospecting research in the northern Sichuan region, forming a series of innovative theories and systematic research methods for geological mineral resources. According to Tang Wenchun, chief engineer of the Geochemical Exploration Team, the western section of the graphite ore belt in Wangcang County, Guangyuan has superior metallogenic conditions and prospecting potential. It will provide important strategic resource guarantees for the development of the “5 + 1” modern industry in our province in the future.