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Graphite Sintering Mould For Lithium Iron Battery

Graphite Sintering mould for Lithium Ion Battery is generally used in alloy tool steel smelting and smelting of nonferrous metals and their alloys. Free quote online.


Graphite Sintering Mould For Lithium Iron Battery

Industrial high temperature heating equipment

Graphite box or graphite boat, graphite sagger, widely used in battery tank: sintered powder material, precious metal casting, high temperature sintering of electronic products, laboratory high temperature liquid container, etc. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good electrical conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and is a good industrial high temperature heating appliance. Products according to the needs of different customers, ranging from 10mm to 1000mm.


1. Thermal stability: For use under hot and cold conditions, special treatment is carried out to ensure the reliability of product quality.

2. Corrosion resistance: The material structure is uniform and fine, which delays the erosion of usage.

3. Shock resistance: can withstand high thermal shock, so the process can be assured.

4. Acid resistance: The addition of special materials significantly improves the physical properties of the material, which is excellent in acid resistance and greatly prolongs the service life of graphite.

5. High thermal conductivity: high fixed carbon content, good thermal conductivity, shortened dissolution time, and significantly reduced energy consumption.

6. Pollution control: strictly control the material composition to ensure that material pollution is greatly reduced.

7. Quality stability: The uniform static pressure forming technology, process and quality control system more fully ensure the stability of the material.


Graphite Sintering Mould For Lithium Iron Battery - ADVANTAGE


JPGRAPHITE is a professional carbon graphite manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience. We have complete production processing and professional CNC equipment's and advanced tech processes to produce carbon graphite products.

We accept customized carbon graphite product orders and provide tech consulting with the product application. We mainly offer graphite crucibles, graphite rotors, graphite block, graphite plate, graphite rod, graphite heating parts, graphite pipes.

We severing industries like the Metallurgical and chemical industry, High-temperature heat treatment, glass, ceramic industry, Environmental water treatment industry, Bearing seal applications. We are a manufacturer; we do not have an extra service fee. We export our products worldwide.



Standard export carton and plywood case.

Customized shipping mark.

QC department will check in case if the packing method is safe enough or not.


Door to door service by courier like DHL , UPS etc. , usually 3 ~ 4 days to arrive.

By air to the air port, it takes about 5 ~ 7 days to arrive usually.

By sea to the sea port, it takes about 15 ~ 30 days to arrive usually.


Q1: Do you have a product catalog?

A: Yes, please send your request to, we will reply as soon as we see it.

Q2: Do you have clear product pictures?

A: Yes, friends, we can provide different detailed pictures of this product.

Q3: What is the quality of this component?

A: We are ISO9001 certified products, and 100% quality inspection is carried out on shipping.

Q4: How long does it take to make? How long does it take to ship?

A: Our production time is determined by the amount and complexity of customization. It will be shipped within 15-30 days after the production is completed (including the quality inspection time before delivery).

Q5: Can we test samples first?

A: Of course you can, but you need to pay for the sample cost and shipping costs.

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