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Graphite Sintered Box


Graphite Sintered Box

Our professional production of a variety of specifications graphite box. The use of fine particles of high-density graphite as raw material, the graphite box with high temperature, anti-oxidation, high body and other characteristics, capable of a variety of harsh high-temperature use of the environment, domestic and foreign high-end graphite industry customers first product.

Choose the three reasons:

1, channel flat, reduce procurement costs. Our company from the production of raw materials - graphite box processing - graphite box sales throughout the completion of the individual to reduce the cost of the customer's procurement.

2, the application of the material, do not waste a penny. My company's fine particles of high-density graphite graphite box is the most suitable material, quality and cheap cost-effective.

3, the timely production of time, to protect the use of customers to ensure timely supply of time and processing accuracy.

According to your needs processing a variety of graphite sagger, high purity graphite sagger quality excellence, quality assurance!