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Graphite Mold In Domestic Market And Foreign Market

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Graphite mold export is increasingly valued. Recently, Zibo Jinpeng Composite Material Technology Co.,Ltd goes out the pace of the keynote speech. Middle East China investment and trade promotion center, SGS sgs-cstc standards technical services co., LTD.,the export credit insurance company of China, China international electronic commerce center related representative with specific data or case analysis of the overseas market, and share the experience help graphite mould enterprises to go out. Relevant personage thinks, hold this kind of training to be able to raise graphite mould enterprise to foreign trade policy and international market environment understanding, enhance coping ability.

Graphite mold enterprises also need to enhance the value of products: going out is not a simple slogan, and this kind of training activities just to verify this. Although our country graphite mould is more and more mature in technology, but compared with the international famous brand, there is still a lot to learn. In addition to advanced technology and management experience, this kind of learning also includes relevant policies and regulations. Know yourself know the enemy can be victorious,  There is still some distance that national graphite mold go out although, but the pace will be more and more firm.

In a word, in order to realize the grand goal of stepping on the international stage, all the graphite mould enterprises shoulder the responsibility. We can continue to learn, update the production technology, improve the value of the product itself, will be able to reach the target.