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All you need to know about graphite crucibles Transportation and storage

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Graphite crucibles’ Transportation and storage method

1、 Inspection

After received the graphite crucible , please cheek the complete of the package , at the same time , before use that m please cheek the complete of the crucible .



Don’t put the crucible on the ground , you should put that on the pallet in the dry place


3、 Handling

Don’t roll the crucible on the ground , should handing by some tools .


4、Use appropriate base

Must use appropriate base , and the same material of the crucible , what’ more the size of the base should bigger than


5、 Don't chocking crucible

Don't chocking crucible, it must have adequate space for Expansion and contraction.

6 、  Avoid top tightly Avoid top tightly , Furnace cover not allowed in the crucible top pressure.

7、 Fix lining

Ensure lining is good . Avoid flame furnace of fire deflection and impact crucible.

8、 Feeding

8-1 In any case will not throw the ingots into the crucible , Should use the special pliers put into the crucible

8-2 Prohibit be cold metal ingot level in the crucible, Should vertically into the crucible. Ensure ingots and crucible

appropriate gap between the wall

9、 Use mild oxidation flame

Check the station of the burner, Ensure flame burning in the crucible and union of base, Fire doesn't allow direct impact

on the crucible

10、 Crucible fixture

When the crucible have to carry pouring molten metal, Should ensure the fixture and transporting firm has been properly

support at the bottom of the crucible.

11、Deslagging , degassing and refine Ban adding any refining before aluminum not melt within the crucible .


Regular remove slag, and using appropriate tools in order to avoid damage crucible.